How to Learn Automation Testing: 22 Free Online Courses

This article compiles the 22 best websites where you can take online courses to learn automation testing and how to choose the best automation testing course.

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Do you want to become an automated software tester? Is test automation a good career choice? Since investing in comprehensive test automation suites helps businesses deploy software more quickly while speeding up tedious, manual processes, they are becoming increasingly popular investments. Consequently, gaining expertise in test automation will make you an invaluable asset to any company. More innovative forms of quality assurance work, including exploratory testing, will be possible with the freed-up time. Check out our blog article to learn how to transition from manual testing to test automation.

Additionally, many testers have found that learning test automation and how to program has helped them better understand the applications they test. So understanding test automation not only enables you to automate aspects of your profession, but it also enhances your manual testing game. 

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Another perk of learning test automation is that it may help you transition from testing to software development if that's where you want to go with your career. You'll be able to jump right in, contribute to the team's success, and demonstrate your knowledge of programming fundamentals and the tools they use. 

But the challenges with learning automated testing include unexpectedly expensive seminars, no clear learning route, and technical help from instructors.

In this article, we have looked at the 22 best websites where you can take online courses to learn about automation testing. This will help you choose the best automation testing course.

Best Automation Testing Online Courses

We receive many requests for recommendations on online courses and certifications for automation testing, and we hope this helps address some of them. Let’s get started!

Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy is an online resource that breaks down complex ideas related to automated testing into manageable chunks. Web, API, mobile, and desktop automation testing, as well as DevOps and CI/CD pipeline integration, are all part of this. Testing professionals, quality assurance experts, and programmers of all experience levels will benefit from the curriculum's breadth and depth.

A few of the fundamentals covered will be:

  • Job-ready theories (for example, HTML,data-driven testing, CSS, and JavaScript for web testing, etc.) 
  • Project prototypes and step-by-step instructions with in-demand tools.
  • Monthly webinar invitation on new topics delivered by field specialists.
  • An educational setting where students may work together with teachers and other students to solve problems and discuss concepts.
  • Katalon Academy's teachers are all seasoned experts who work on DevOps teams and create frameworks and low-code and maintenance automation solutions annually, guaranteeing the highest level of dependability and consistency in the course quality. Some have also been presenters at testing conferences, including Odyssey, Open-Source Lisbon, and TestFlix.

Since Katalon designs the platform, customers will gain free access to the storage of hands-on training on the top automation solutions such as Studio, TestOps, and Recorder.

The procedure to become a member is not overly complicated. Start your educational career on the right foot by registering for a free account at Katalon Academy, then selecting a class to enroll in.

Start your test automation journey at Katalon Academy.


It is one of the most popular online educational establishments. Since it was first established in 2010, it has amassed more than 155,000 courses organized into a wide variety of categories.

Udemy is home to a plethora of different automation testing training courses. They cover a wide variety of connected subjects, from the implementation of certain testing tools to the roadmap of full-stack quality assurance.

Some classes are offered at no cost, while others might cost anything from twenty to two hundred dollars on average. After completing a paid course, you can get digital certificates.

Udemy is a marketplace, which is something that you ought to be aware of. This indicates that the courses are developed and posted for sale by independent educators on their own time. Although some of the lecturers have impressive resumes, most have only an average degree of experience. Because of this, the quality of the material presented in each of the lessons could not be consistent with one another.

When deciding which classes to enroll in, you should consider their ratings and reviews before choosing.

Start to learn test automation at Udemy.

LinkedIn Learning

Before being bought by LinkedIn and rebranded, LinkedIn Learning was known as, the courses provided here are of the highest quality and organized into three main categories: business, creativity, and technology.

The instructors for the automation testing courses on LinkedIn Learning are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts in their fields. Every course comes with a digital certificate verifying your achievement, and the quality of the material is guaranteed. You can keep tabs on your progress and reflect on what you've learned with the help of a plethora of handy features.

If you want to become a test automation engineer, the platform lays out a specific curriculum you may follow. You will acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of your chosen subject, as well as practical experience with testing tools, scripting, and even robot framework test automation.

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Some courses are free, but a $30 monthly membership is needed to access all of the classes. The first month is on the house.

Start your test automation courses at LinkedIn Learning.


Udacity offers nanodegrees in various areas related to automation, including programming languages like C++, machine learning, data engineering, robotics, and more.

The organization also facilitates access to mentors by means of mentorship programs.

Unlike generic video-based learning programs, the mentor can tailor their guidance to the candidate's specific areas of interest, making the experience far more tailored to their needs.

Get your course at Udacity.

International Software Testing Qualifications Board

When it comes to software testing certifications, ISTQB is the gold standard. International Software Testing Qualifications Board is what it refers to in full. Professionalism and entry-level employment alike value ISTQB certification. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board offers certificates at the Foundation, Advanced, and Expert levels.

Get your course on ISTQB.


Edureka offers various courses in technical areas, including programming and software development. It offers more than a hundred different live online classes on a wide variety of subjects.

That stated, the present number of courses for automated testing training is rather restricted. However, Edureka offers you a Master's Program to become a test automation engineer. You will learn how to plan and implement automated testing in all software development life cycle aspects.

The curriculum provides free training in Python scripting, Java fundamentals, and SQL basics.

The classes are live, so you may engage with the lecturers. If you cannot attend a live session, you can see the recorded versions or register for the next available live session. In the curriculum, there are also activities and tasks to be completed so that you may integrate what you have learned into practice.

Individual courses or membership as a whole are individually priced. Depending on the kind, it might cost from $100 to more than $1,000.

Get your course at Edureka.


Anyone using Guru99 to prepare for a QA/testing position interview has probably come across testing-related information there.

When looking to learn and develop one's abilities in automation testing, Guru99 is a great resource. The tester can put their knowledge to the test by working through practice problems.

They offer answers to such issues and facilitate the development of automated testing expertise by providing practice opportunities.

Learning automation testing is possible because of the availability of in-depth training programs. You may take classes in a variety of topics, including:

  • QTP
  • Selenium Testing
  • Postman
  • JMeter
  • RPA

Check out Guru99.


Coursera is one of the most well-known MOOC (massive open online course) providers, with over three thousand classes available in various disciplines. It is another learning resource for automation testing classes you might explore.

The lessons are grouped into three main categories: courses, guided projects, and specializations. Instructors are recognized authorities in their fields and have faculty positions at prestigious institutions.

You can attend the courses to gain knowledge and insights, join the guided projects to receive hands-on experience, or pick specialties to pursue a defined learning route. Specializations contain various courses grouped for you to understand certain elements of test automation.

Some courses are free, while the other two are not. You could spend at least $9.99 on a guided project and at least $39 on a monthly membership to get the specialized content you need.

You will earn certificates following the completion of specialties or some paid courses. It's possible to try it out for free.

Go to Coursera to learn.


Besides Udemy, Pluralsight is a popular online education website that offers more than 8,000 lectures. Everything discussed relates to some aspect of technology, such as software testing automation.

More than 1,500 experts in different fields have used the platform to make high-quality courses. The offline study, tests, and simulated examinations are just some features that may be used to study when it's most convenient for you.

Pluralsight, like LinkedIn Learning, operates on a subscription basis. You'll need to pay about $30 per month to enroll in a basic curriculum (around 2500 courses). The Premium upgrade grants you access to all courses and more features for $45 per month.

The first one is free if you use it for ten days or 200 minutes. Even though there are courses aimed at complete novices, many others assume you have some familiarity with either testing or technology.

Look at the popular Automation Testing Courses on Pluralsight.


The software testing site also offers advanced training in automated testing. Since its inception in 2006, SoftwareTestingHelp has amassed an extensive library of blogs, articles, courses, and ebooks covering numerous testing, automation, and development-related subjects.

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The courses have been broken down into a series of tutorials, including a set of written instructions and a video.

The candidate may take their time and learn in an engaging, interactive way while watching films directly applicable to their situation.

Let's start your career at SoftwareTestingHelp.

Tutorials Point

Automated testing is a valuable talent, and this site offers training to help you acquire such abilities.

They provide more than just testing training; they include a technical question-and-answer forum, multilingual tutorials, online instructors, and more. For those with no prior experience with automation, this platform serves as a comprehensive tutorial.

Become a test automation engineer with Tutorials Point.


Courses, certifications, and degrees in automation from the world's best colleges are all available on this site.

The fact that they provide classes in many languages (including English, Spanish, and Chinese) is a huge plus for international students who want to study in their preferred tongue.

Take a look at the courses on AcademicCourses.


Simplilearn advertises itself as the greatest online Boot Camp and a top provider of premier certification courses. Most subjects center around digital and technological abilities.

You can discover loads of materials on this website concerning test automation, including articles, ebooks, video lessons, and webinars. They are free to watch.

It also provides you with a master's program to become an automation test engineer. The course will teach you everything you need to know about software development, automated testing, quality assurance (QA), and more. The cost of this program is $1,299.

Check out Simplilearn's website for test automation courses.


A formal online learning platform, edX offers courses in a wide variety of fields, such as business management, computer programming, engineering, and many more. There are more than 3,000 classes from which to pick.

In any case, there aren't many education options dedicated only to automated testing. The vast majority of them are aiming for the intermediate level. Some of them expect you to have some programming experience and familiarity with the fundamentals.

Experts and professors from reputable universities teach the classes. 

Classes can be audited for free if you're willing to sit in on them beforehand. This means you can view the content, and no certification will be granted. If you want full access and a completion certificate, you'll need to pay for the course. And if you want the full functionality of their programs, you'll have to shell out some cash.

Start your test automation career with edX.


It offers technical education in the form of Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs, and Learning Paths.

They provide certification programs leading to a certificate in a variety of fields, including software testing, Python introduction, design thinking, and programming in Python.

Check Alison to learn more.


Techcanvass was established in India by a group of IT experts to supply the local community with software-related education and advice. Their website offers a plethora of free test automation materials.

Also available are a variety of courses covering the topic, such as Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Selenium in a variety of languages (namely Java and Python). You'll start from scratch and get practical experience in these courses. After finishing the course, you will be able to put your knowledge to use on real-world projects and earn a credential in the process.

Typically, local industry veterans are the ones who lead classes, and these classes typically only cover one testing framework (Selenium). You may pick from a variety of affordable packages, starting at $60 and going all the way up to $270.

Visit Techcanvass to learn more.


The Intellipat platform features both self-paced and instructor-led online courses. It offers programs in collaboration with the world's top universities & MNC's.

Their accommodating response times to questions at all hours of the day and night set them apart.

Learn more at IntelliPaat.


If you want to upload, share, and view videos, you should use YouTube. It's how most people discover new skills, including test automation.

You can quickly learn to navigate YouTube. Almost anyone can quickly learn to use it and get comfortable with its interface. For anyone interested in learning more about test automation, there is a wealth of free online materials available.

Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming to discover reliable sources, as anybody with an internet connection and a camera can publish and distribute movies on this platform, regardless of their real expertise or credentials. Furthermore, there is no defined learning route and a dearth of learning assistance elements, making it tough to monitor your progress or seek guidance from teachers.

So, don't dismiss this resource for learning automated testing. Simply visit the website, type the relevant phrases into the search field, and spend some time exploring the various pages until you find what you are looking for. 

You can learn test automation on Youtube.


This platform is the best place to start for people who are new to automation but want to get their foot in the door.

They have compiled in-depth, step-by-step lessons for test automation that are perfect for a newbie looking to learn the ropes.

In addition, they have addressed commonly asked questions to eliminate any confusion a new learner could have.

Start your career as a test automation engineer at ArtOfTesting.


Applitools's platform offers unlimited access to course materials, including grades, quizzes, and rankings, in a discussion forum.

A student's standing at their virtual university is determined by the number of credits they have earned. It's a neat resource for learning about automation technology in the context of real-world market situations.

Go and explore TestAutomationUniversity.

The IIST Software Testing Center

This institute offers certifications that are recognized by many different organizations, and they may be earned entirely online.

If a candidate runs into trouble while learning, they may always rely on their training companions for assistance. In addition to these options, they also offer self-paced and interactive training online.

Go over the courses at the International Institute for Software Testing.

Automation in Testing

These experts offer web-based training on automation, with courses categorized into three general categories: programming fundamentals, language fundamentals, and the Selenium Web driver.

They have further subdivided these groups into more specific ones, such as "Java Basics," "C++ Fundamentals," and “Node Fundamentals.”

The applicant can use these divisions to better understand their own strengths and build a firm foundation upon which to build their automation abilities in QA/Testing.

Become a test automation expert with Automation in Testing.

Bottom Line

Therefore, automated testing can be a profitable career if you're ready to invest in getting the necessary training and experience.

Do you want to become a test automation engineer? Ronwell Digital can be a great opportunity for your career!

If you have any inquiries, please contact our team of professionals and view our LinkedIn profile for open positions.


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