Media & Technology

Ronwell assists technology and media leaders in accelerating inclusive and sustainable growth in this rapidly growing sector.

You have to live and breathe content to be successful in the media and technology space. Consumers want more personalized content that interacts with their preferences. Transitioning to 5G and migrating to the cloud are all big developments in this industry that Ronwell provides assistance for its clients.

Run Smarter Ads for Your Target Audiences

Optimize your marketing budget by identifying the right vendors or platforms that would offer you the best price for their ad space. Data and analytics are transforming this sector by automating the transactions between publishers and advertisers to ultimately deliver personally targeted ads to consumers on a variety of platforms. Advertisers can optimally select and rent ad space from willing platforms to gain a competitive edge to reach the right audiences.

New Technologies in Media

Transitioning to 5G is an event that is taking place quite dramatically for technology and media providers. As a phase that requires significant infrastructure investments, the right strategy to do it right and fast should also involve migrating to cloud systems.

Cloud systems are highly preferred, as they offer many advantages in terms of removing installation and maintenance costs related to databases, IT architecture, hardware, equipment, and security.

Ask Ronwell for Help

Ronwell’s IT consultants work in collaboration with clients to build more efficient database security systems and advanced cloud infrastructures. Our solutions are tailored to your specific business needs and enable system improvements, monetize your existing digital assets, and build a strategy focused on cost-reduction and sustainable business growth.