Automotive & Mobility

Ronwell is an IT consulting firm with over 30 years of experience in automotive and mobility industry

The automotive and mobility industries are nearing a watershed moment in their digital metamorphosis. Customer expectations are being transformed by AI and big data, putting mounting pressure on supply chains to become more agile. The gravitational pull of the ever-expanding availability of faster internet is forcing the auto industry to leave its product-oriented philosophy behind and replace it with software platforms that champion highly customer-oriented experiences..

Our Perspective

The future of the industry will be defined by an era of long-lasting strategic partnerships among suppliers, manufacturers, and technology companies. Digital innovation will be a high-stakes priority to build a more agile supply chain to balance the needs of customers with the evolving regulations in the industry.

Industry Themes

Software and Hi-Tech: In order to succeed in this evolving industry, companies need to invest in the right digital assets to transform their business processes. Software, data, and cloud investments will be critical to reducing costs, powering innovation, and preserving cash.

M&A’s: First movers might win. It’s going to be a team effort. Take massive collaboration among different players along the value chain.

Customer: Automotive has run its course. Mobility is the name of the game in this new phase. The focus of automakers on products will shift to customers. The service offerings of automakers will focus on how to build platforms that give the best personalized experiences to their customers.

Autonomous and Sustainable Driving: Self-driving cars will replace traditional cars in a couple of years. Another changing feature of the overall driving experience will be the emphasis on reducing its environment-harming effects. Therefore, the evolution of autonomous cars will run parallel to the development of EVs.

Connectivity: At some point, all cars will be connected to the internet and become digitally enabled. Customers will value the experience they get from their multichannel journeys. Internet connectivity will become an integral part of that.

Our Expertise

Ronwell is an IT consulting firm with over 30 years of experience whose clients also include major European OEMs. We have advanced skills and expertise regarding building seamless software platforms with reliable data security infrastructure and testing methods that enhance the personal experiences of our clients’ customers. We are willing to take an active role as a strategic partner in this journey with automakers, suppliers, and retailers.

Drive Forward, Sustainability with Ronwell.

The combination of our specialized sustainability function with our other industry practices is one of the few ways we approach our clients’ problems from a multidisciplinary angle. We not only help you make the best moves that will flourish your IT capabilities, but also work alongside you on integrating those new technologies into our world sustainably.