How to Select a Test Automation Service Provider

Confused about how to choose the right company for test automation services? This blog gives a checklist to help select the right test automation service provider.

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Which partner you choose to perform automated software testing as a service can make or break your apps' ability to provide a tangible ROI for your company. Because of how fast and complex automated software testing is, the good or bad effects of this choice will be magnified.

Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about how to prepare to choose an automated software testing solution provider: What is Automation Testing? Types, Examples, Process. After you've finished all the necessary preliminary work, there are six questions you need to answer before you can form a partnership.

While cost is certainly a factor when choosing a supplier for test automation services, the quality of the service provided should be at least as, if not more, significant.

One of the most important steps in realizing your value is learning to assess your resources and identify your needs. You came here because you need help figuring out what test automation services you'll use. 

You have done a great job so far, so finish what you have started.

Research & Understand Why You Want to Outsource

Quality assurance relies heavily on automated testing. Instead of using time-consuming manual methods, it uses pre-made instruments to speed up the testing procedure. Instead of manually doing each check, an AQA engineer performs the necessary scripts and runs the tests. As a result, testing can go on automatically and unattended, even overnight, if the project scope is substantial. 

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The purpose of test automation is to streamline and improve the quality of the testing procedure. Test automation has its benefits, but it is not a silver bullet. There is no automatic advantage to a project. To be more precise, if the central functionality is stable and unlikely to undergo modifications, then automation can be considered.

As a rule, automation is the best choice when:

  • The manual testing process is time-consuming and laborious
  • Test cases use various data sets
  • Human mistakes can be reduced by using testing.
  • The tests must be executed on several platforms.

Then, when you're ready to integrate automated tests and you're confident that your project is ready:

  • Write your needs from scratch. Why do we need automation? What do you want to achieve with your outreach? What responsibilities does a service provider have?
  • Get started with your research using various resources, including search engines, ads, suggestions, review sites, etc.
  • Create a shortlist of your favorite and most engaging companies.

Think carefully about your need for automation and what you hope to gain from working with an automated software testing service before making a decision.

It will help you figure out what you want and discuss it productively during the negotiation process. Even though you want the project to have a certain result, an automated QA testing business should always aim for these three goals:

  • Less time spent on testing.
  • Precision in the scope of the tests.
  • Objective and data-driven outcomes.

After that, you should do your own research and not go with the first service provider who tells you what you want to hear.

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Make a Provider Shortlist

Make sure you go through at least a few pages of results. Look through reliable review sites. You'll notice a few decent options. However, it is recommended that you expand your list to include businesses that: have effectively dealt with comparable issues;

  • A website that is live, updated, and active;
  • Have a service you require listed on their website;
  • A simple way to get in touch with them.

So, you start compiling a list of possible test automation service providers. It's time to choose the option that works best for you now.

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Criteria for Selecting an Automated Testing Service

When deciding who to outsource to, remember that a good company will work with you to figure out what your project needs and will be able to solve those problems most efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
When deciding on a testing service provider, it's important to work with an established organization that has been around long enough and has dealt with enough customers to know what makes a good working relationship. There are three primary concerns you should examine when selecting a business to engage with:

Expertise and Skilled QA Specialists

An automated testing-focused QA service should help with every step of the process, from choosing the right approach to putting it into practice. 

For this reason, it is best to start by focusing on reliable businesses that have been around for some time. QA Engineers' specialized skills in several sectors (e-commerce, energy and utility, healthcare, finance, etc.) will be an asset to your team.

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Communication with the QA Specialists

Maintaining open lines of communication between all members of a project is crucial during the testing and development of an IT solution. Always make sure you're in touch with each other between sprints. If possible, use Jira or another collaboration tool to stay in sync and offer status updates around the clock.

When choosing a contractor, you should think about how well they can set up channels of communication. You need to have open lines of communication with both the team's leader and every member. You can immediately address issues raised by users, debate the project's current state, and reply to reports.

Because of our familiarity with dealing with developers and the client, we have made it a policy that all team members be reachable at all times.

Testing Tools 

Is it required that you use any particular testing software? Do you have a plan if your testing services provider suggests and implements a different set of tools to check your web and mobile apps?

The availability of reliable automated software testing tools is crucial to any discussion of this nature. If you pick the wrong tool, you'll add a lot of unnecessary work and stress. You can improve productivity and cut expenses during the engagement by deciding on the automated testing technology that is right for you.

You should remember that the most popular technologies in the past have provided the biggest benefits to service providers. Still, they haven't kept up with the testing requirements of modern, rapidly evolving digital environments built to satisfy extremely high customer expectations. You need functional testing, and load testing tools made for this specific purpose can grow with your development demands and don't require you to spend a fortune keeping their infrastructure up to date so you can test digital web and mobile apps.

You can find a comparison of testing tools in our blog post: Top 20 Automation Testing Tools.

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Automation Framework 

So you've designed your engagement model, testing tools, and ultimate goals. How do you know that the automated regression tests developed by your preferred testing provider will effectively identify and fix flaws in the software?

A regression suite that rushes through screens without testing for faults is the biggest factor in killing interest in and funding for test automation. This is common if your test automation service provider uses a "record and play" approach to automation testing without a proper automated test strategy or model-based testing. You can also read our article to learn more about Test Automation Strategy.

You must ensure that the service provider you choose has the technical skills and the ability to combine such skills with the primary requirements of usage excursions in your app environment.

Check out our guide to understand Test Automation Framework: Benefits, Types & How to Choose

Security for Intellectual Property

Outsourcing strategies often includes IP protection measures. IPII should be protected. In order to prevent unauthorized access and misuse, reputable automation testing service providers implement strict security measures.

These protections consist of nondisclosure agreements, contracts guaranteeing employees' privacy, and protection for proprietary information. Because of their ability to "avoid the loss of proprietary functionality or the unintentional leak of information," service providers are responsible for restoring all mission-critical services.

Documentation & Reporting

A business can benefit from your checklists and test cases if you have them prepared. Their manual QA engineers will have the paperwork in order, and their automated QA engineers will prepare the test scripts. Automatic reports are sent to you after each testing session.

Such bug reports are straightforward and instructive due to their inclusion of images or screencasts demonstrating the system's state during testing.

Experience in Similar Projects and Portfolio

It is crucial to choose a contractor that has worked on projects and in industries comparable to your own. This is an excellent choice because the true measure of a QA team's competence and output is in the results they've actually delivered. But words don't mean anything. Have a look at the prospective contractor's experience with previous employers. This is the gold standard by which their competence and employability are evaluated.

You should check out their blog since it discusses important issues in their industry and details useful strategies, resources, and techniques for putting those strategies into practice.

Ronwell provides comprehensive test automation services to help businesses reduce testing expenses while increasing efficiency in different industries. Dormokaba, BMW, Vodafone, and Tchibo are some of our regular customers to verify our expertise. 

They will tell you better than us about the partnership experience. You can check out our case studies and testimonials.

Bottom Line

The test automation company's level of expertise and "modernity" determine the quality of the final IT solutions and the standard of the QA services. With a reliable partner, you can only obtain the best practices and advertise a nearly ideal IT solution that will bring in new clients and boost conversions.

Here is your checklist to select a test automation service provider for your business: 

  • Be clear about why you want to outsource.
  • Make a provider shortlist of your favorite and most engaging companies.
  • Be sure that they have skilled QA specialists.
  • Check if they have the right tools and framework for your needs.
  • Check if they care about security and privacy.
  • Check the customer feedback on the independent review platforms and case studies.
  • Lastly, set up a call and talk about all the details. It is the best way to see whether a QA provider fully comprehends your needs and whether the team is capable of offering a solution.

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